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Carpe Diem Educational Consulting provides learners of all ages the coaching, training and advocacy needed to achieve their goals. Carpe Diem provides one-on-one personalized support in the college application process for both American and international students. In addition, we are committed to creating opportunities and supporting college pipeline experiences for students in the United States from populations typically underrepresented in higher education through grant writing and program development support for nonprofit agencies addressing barriers to academic success and health equity.



College Application Planning

Start Early

For students  7th - 9th grade, we offer guidance on how to make the most of their high school experience

College Application Advising

College List, Tests, Resume & Application Essays

If you are a junior or senior, we offer services to support you in the college application process from suggested test taking schedules to resume development to helping you make your college list. For middle, high school and university students, we offer tutoring in Academic Writing so that you will not only be equipped to write your best college application essays, but also to write well once you are admitted to university.

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